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Safe Learning Environment

As a 10 year member of the Barry County Sheriff’s Posse, and a Rescue Task Force instructor and active violence emergency resource trainer, my number-one priority is to make our schools safer for our students. We need to protect our kids from internal and external threats. I will push for our campus to have the best and most up-to-date security practices and equipment. Resource officers are a large factor for safety. Caledonia needs to add to our current sheriff’s resource officer.

Revive Enrollment

Truth be told, our enrollment numbers are down. We need to revive enrollment by honoring and defending parental rights and ensuring a safe learning environment. I will be promoting skilled trades. We need to get the wood and metal shops fully funded. These classes need to be introduced in our middle school environment.


Our school system has lost a lot of trust from the community. We must rebuild trust by making it easier for our parents, community and tax payers to see the curriculum, especially the sex education materials. I will push to always be proactive with communication with the parents. I plan to post results of public votes. Let's create a thriving and unified community again.


I believe CRT is alive in Caledonia Community Schools. I find it concerning that the new curriculum that was just adopted into our district has this statement, “ As an extension of our core values of equity and empathy, culturally responsive learning must be woven into everything we do: the curriculum we build, the professional learning we provide teachers, and the training we give our employees who are the heart and soul of our organization.” This is from Bethiam Forsa, CEO of Savas learning Company. My question is, why are we using materials from a company that promotes CLR and CRT?

Teachers and staff

We need to ensure an unbiased classroom. We need a curriculum, free from indoctrination and destruction of family values. We need to build into our teachers. We also need to look at class sizes, and teacher development time. I have spoken with several teachers and many feel they don’t have enough preparation time. We need to provide them with the resources so they can focus on teaching.

Parental Choice

I don’t support the government overreach that forced our healthy children into masks. I support parental choice and medical freedom for children.

Know Who I Am

About John

My wife Lori and I have lived in Caledonia for 23 years. We have six kids, in which two have graduated and are attending college for nursing and special education teaching. Our kids are fourth generation Caledonia students. Lori was born and raised in Caledonia on a family farm. We are very invested in our community with all of the many sports, FFA and 4-H that our kids are involved in. The kids are the future and that is why I’m running for school board. 

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